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About us
UTMOST, founded in 2005, is a world-class R & D and manufacturing center. Our product categories contain intelligent audio and video management systems, professional audio and video transmission equipment, integrated central control devices, and intelligent energy management systems, keeping pace with the times. Over the years, we have progressed with a strong capability of product development and obtained a number of global patents.
Since 2005, great effort has been made on the development and manufacturing of integrated multimedia control system. Our business has been expanded to North America, European Union, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Efficient marketing channels and professional consulting services are established and provided. Our core technology value is in signal processing, signal conversion, and signal source integration. Along with the forming of the concept of Green Energy, innovative research has been planned to implement since 2010, such as energy-saving audio and video equipment, smart central control system, and smart energy grid. A series of intelligent management systems are launched and widely used on campus, in airports, public transportation systems and at home. We successfully made it through the financial crisis, because we regard every product as the company's most precious treasure, with great attention paid to every detail diligently. With our "quality", we provide our customers with great "value". Trust UTMOST: yoU To MOST.
The core power of the UTMOST comes from the strong R&D team! Led by the technical director with a career length of nearly half a century, our employees are talented personnel from every field, provided with good conditions and very flexible working time. We have a team with independent innovation and development capacity, persisting in long-term technical exchange and cooperation with research institutions and at the same time obtaining a large amount of customized development experience and achievement. Therefore, in the race against time, our "speed" is absolute; our “quality” is guaranteed; our "performance" is advanced!